domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

Beyond the grave.

Beyond the grave.

All the time that passed between us
until we got this far under the grass,
all the times we held hands together
until night came crawling the walls,
all is everything beyond the grave,
since the day I caught your eyes.

Would it be fine to say I loved you
while I know it’s more than that?

All the distance between our hearts
was only temporary until that night,
until on my knees I heard you say…
“Yes I do, I would like it to be that way".

Shattered pieces left from us now
as you go where they said you must be,
“Until death do us a part” we said that time,
but now that phrase makes no sense,
at least not into my head.

Beyond the grave, beyond the death,
I can’t think in less than an eternity for me
between your arms and even dead.

All the sounds represent the emptiness
and you are the whole life as you go,
all is nothing where I stand without you,
all is… hell on earth if you’re not in bed.

I see it now, everything we were is lost,
but at the same time is waiting to be again,
but this time, it goes far from life…
and touches the night under ground.

Will you wait a little bit until I die?

There the moon light won’t touch us again
as we make love once more but beyond the grave.
Poison works even faster than I thought so…
It will be easy and quick to kiss your lips again.

Close your eyes if you’re here with me right now,
close your eyes…
and hold me one last time.

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