jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

You and I... the stars.

You and I… the stars.

Exposed wounds.

Knowing what I knew I tried
with all my heart to heal your wounds,
but then you saw me bleeding,
you saw me…

Carrying my heart between the hands.

Ways of sadness.

I saw one tear escaping
from your eyes lost on mine’s,
there I saw your sadness
in that tear expressed from your heart.

On the way down crossing your face
I took the tear between my fingers and went away,
but it was maybe too late.

Deep inside you found my sadness,
and the different ways we have to express.

Sadness always has too many ways.

What we said.

Found you one day after
and we decided to talk again.

Said you were unhappy,
said I was your friend,
told you to hold me,
said you would do it ‘til the end.

We were together since then.


You felt the misery of a painful past
and said you were all right by my side
´cause you were feeling on me
the despair of a similar painful past.

We held hands for that,
for the same scars we used to have.

Holding hands.

Holding hands we grew to be perfection,
a couple of smart sarcastic kids always alone.

People said we were meant for each other,
it’s a shame I never saw you the way you saw me,
I was not interested on that thing of being lovers,
I just cared about your health.

You were happy and I was fine,
but sometimes I hated the way you were,
when despair surpassed you at those times
I can still remember the knife at your hands.

You used to cut your wrists and I used
to keep you alive as far as I could,
I hated to se your crying wrists
covered by some of your bloody tears,
so I used to hate myself for not to be of any help.

We were holding hands to heal your wounds.


Told me not to worry much for you,
answered you were my best friend,
said you loved me too,
-like a sister- I complained.

We… were brothers.


Faking that we were fine
we walked together the line,
holding as always our hands
but dying always from inside.

We saw the world we hated,
and so we lived on it faking,
we were a lie for the life we lived,
but we loved our lies together.

We loved each other and forever.


We used to stare at midnight stars
trying to find the place we wanted to be,
you used to say that when someone dies
he or she… becomes a part of the night sky stars.

Were you really choosing a place since then?

The day you left.

I just heard it that day,
you left our promises behind
taking alone the way to the stars.

I felt again the emptiness growing on me
saying good bye to someone I cared in my life,
and… I was alone again,
you forgot me and went away
leaving me behind for what you called love,
leaving a paper piece of you to made me survive,
a letter of your love I told you to hide.

That’s how you explained all
and said the last good bye.

Emotionless me.

No tears after the notice
just the emptiness and sadness you found,
just… this emotionless me you used to like.

Sorry for that if you wanted more,
but I couldn’t really change at all,
I am what I am and you knew,
just another heartless arrogant fool.

Gazing at the sky.

Since you left I took the night as mine,
always gazing at the sky in search of you,
searching always for the blinking star
always hiding next to the moon.


The time passed by without you
and I learned how to survive,
still the memories on the head
and those voices lost in the air.

All is nothing right now,
but someday it will be everything,
someday… we’ll see each other again
and we’ll just laugh about it,
someday so…

You and I… the stars.

Wait where you are my beloved sister,
‘cause it’s a promise since the day you died,
that some day whenever I can
I’ll die and become one of the brightest stars.

We’ll be together for the last
In some place a long in the sky.

Memories. (Exposed wounds or… you saw me)

I will never forget what we were,
we were and we are friends after all,
So how on earth would I forget you?

“Knowing what I knew I tried
with all my heart to heal your wounds,
but then you saw me bleeding,
you saw me…”

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