sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

We the fire bringers.

We the fire bringers.
(Anti-political script)

Breathe this morning for the last and we go,
so far so low we die we live we love,
hands up for the future we don´t even like
lets hurry, the final stage awaits somewhere aside.

Smile with me this morning
raise your arms high for the fire,
lets come up with a plan together
to follow our own path of life.

We are the fire so…
lets move the land and incinerate the man.

Hearts up and ready to die,
we´ll fight tonight for the new age,
voices and whispers over this graveyard,
we must consume like the fire and advance.

Bring on the guillotine and make my head fall
but be aware of this simile of mine,
I after all am a fire bringer so no doubt of my job,
to die consuming and restarting it all,
holding hands we will go harder to the front.

Bring on the political hate we have inside,
lets make them bleed their life one last time,
lets make them tremble tonight with fear,
the fear we must install in their hearts.

We’ll rush on them with all our strength
killing this democracy of convenience we all hate,
we´ll assume power by force shaking the world,
we… have the will of fire inside of us.

Raise your hands and clap for this solution,
we must never fade until we fight,
we must fight until fade away tonight.

Let us rally our strength as one in order to fulfill our dreams,
advancing with the flow of air as the fire that grows with it,
we will consume this world and restart one for us,
our own promised land after the baptism of fire.

We the rippers crossing this emptiness called life,
we the fire bringers burning those who condemned our life,
we’ll carry on the suffer of the lives we’ll take this time
but we won’t hold back this fight we decided tonight.

Broken bones over the battlefield
tears of blood and sacred kisses,
we live, we love and we die for,
this is the life we fight for after all.

Bless us god or hate us all,
hell awaits for all of us.

I won’t lie saying we’ll survive ´cause we´re not,
but I’ll say this: I’m proud of all of us,
we… will have proven our existence,
we will leave a mark of pure and noble fire.

But be aware of the ashes gathering
since they will try to light up a new fire,
fire will never be completely extinguished,
you all must be aware of that.

We the fire bringers…
unexpected corrupted democrats hating politics
trying to hold the world between their hands,
that is what we are so…
that is what we were meant to be.

Breathe this morning for the last and we go,
so far so low we die we live we love,
hands up for the future we don´t even like,
lets hurry for the last,
final stage awaits… somewhere in this fight.

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