jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Raven red.

Raven red.

Somehow it suddenly started,
flapping noises in my head,
birds like ravens freely flying,
feathers falling on my bed.

One dark parade of fantasy
maybe a nightmare brought from hell,
some black dots causing me some agony,
metallic voices whispering my name.

Far from the group of beak stabbers
there´s someone waiting for my chest,
hiding always deep into the darkness
I can see a raven dressed in red.

One last beating announces
“Here comes the king to the take you there”

Stabbed chest heart brokened
there's nothing left to be said,
my eyes have lost their sight
but some noises are still left.

As my voice in a whisper disappears
I can only think about two last things,
Why a raven instead of a demon?
Why a damned raven wearing red?

And so the answer is very simple.

One red feather over a nightmare
where I dreamt about my death,
Where’s the glory of a lifetime
when a raven picks you at the end?

When life is a nightmare
and death is your dream,
there’s no glory for a life time
if you choose to put you a sleep.

(Think about it, suicide is not an option,
you have plenty to hurt but help get better
and one to destroy even those who you love,
Would you still wait for the red colored raven?)

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