viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Marry me in death.

Marry me in death.

Here where the life has gone away
I promise you, my lover,
“Honey, we will do it anyway”.

Come and please enjoy the silence,
‘cause we won’t ever hear it again.
No more of those nasty surprises,
we’ll do it even after death.

Come happy with a smile,
bring your brother and your friends,
let us dance trough the night,
let us be happy until the end.

Go get dressed for the celebration,
go get your pretty wedding dress,
just don’t feel any mortification
if now the color's not the same.

While they live life
let us live death,
here beneath the sky
honey, we’ll just celebrate.

Even death couldn´t brought us a part
‘cause our love never ceased to be the same,
So what do you say,
do you still wish to have a wedding?

Tell me, my sweetheart, ‘cause it’s very simple indeed.

Would you marry me at night
with the graveyard as our place?
Would you marry me in black?
Would you marry me in death?

All you have to do, my darling,
is just to come forward saying “Yes”.

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