sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

Final movements before death strikes.

Final movements before death strikes.

Midnight calls us forward to the end with a howl,
whispers trough the heart beating asking for a name,
the name of he who started this since so long,
the name… of him who we still fight for.

Numbers are odd in this game we’re losing
but we must believe in a better future from now on,
we’re rolling the red dice and counting on a promise
that that man made on the graveyard war that night,
so we are all now counting…
Phoenix project starts soon from now.

While we fight without surrender
many lives we’re losing for the dream we have,
we are not much than we should be in fact,
but we must get the final movements…
before death strikes us back.

We’ll be burned down and we know it
but we’ll go down taking as many as we can,
that’s how we live, that’s how we die,
we are after all… the fire bringer’s remnants,
so it’s not our duty to survive,
just to endure while the others rise.

We the fire bringers are all…
always ready for to die.

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