sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

Final movements before death strikes.

Final movements before death strikes.

Midnight calls us forward to the end with a howl,
whispers trough the heart beating asking for a name,
the name of he who started this since so long,
the name… of him who we still fight for.

Numbers are odd in this game we’re losing
but we must believe in a better future from now on,
we’re rolling the red dice and counting on a promise
that that man made on the graveyard war that night,
so we are all now counting…
Phoenix project starts soon from now.

While we fight without surrender
many lives we’re losing for the dream we have,
we are not much than we should be in fact,
but we must get the final movements…
before death strikes us back.

We’ll be burned down and we know it
but we’ll go down taking as many as we can,
that’s how we live, that’s how we die,
we are after all… the fire bringer’s remnants,
so it’s not our duty to survive,
just to endure while the others rise.

We the fire bringers are all…
always ready for to die.

We the fire bringers.

We the fire bringers.
(Anti-political script)

Breathe this morning for the last and we go,
so far so low we die we live we love,
hands up for the future we don´t even like
lets hurry, the final stage awaits somewhere aside.

Smile with me this morning
raise your arms high for the fire,
lets come up with a plan together
to follow our own path of life.

We are the fire so…
lets move the land and incinerate the man.

Hearts up and ready to die,
we´ll fight tonight for the new age,
voices and whispers over this graveyard,
we must consume like the fire and advance.

Bring on the guillotine and make my head fall
but be aware of this simile of mine,
I after all am a fire bringer so no doubt of my job,
to die consuming and restarting it all,
holding hands we will go harder to the front.

Bring on the political hate we have inside,
lets make them bleed their life one last time,
lets make them tremble tonight with fear,
the fear we must install in their hearts.

We’ll rush on them with all our strength
killing this democracy of convenience we all hate,
we´ll assume power by force shaking the world,
we… have the will of fire inside of us.

Raise your hands and clap for this solution,
we must never fade until we fight,
we must fight until fade away tonight.

Let us rally our strength as one in order to fulfill our dreams,
advancing with the flow of air as the fire that grows with it,
we will consume this world and restart one for us,
our own promised land after the baptism of fire.

We the rippers crossing this emptiness called life,
we the fire bringers burning those who condemned our life,
we’ll carry on the suffer of the lives we’ll take this time
but we won’t hold back this fight we decided tonight.

Broken bones over the battlefield
tears of blood and sacred kisses,
we live, we love and we die for,
this is the life we fight for after all.

Bless us god or hate us all,
hell awaits for all of us.

I won’t lie saying we’ll survive ´cause we´re not,
but I’ll say this: I’m proud of all of us,
we… will have proven our existence,
we will leave a mark of pure and noble fire.

But be aware of the ashes gathering
since they will try to light up a new fire,
fire will never be completely extinguished,
you all must be aware of that.

We the fire bringers…
unexpected corrupted democrats hating politics
trying to hold the world between their hands,
that is what we are so…
that is what we were meant to be.

Breathe this morning for the last and we go,
so far so low we die we live we love,
hands up for the future we don´t even like,
lets hurry for the last,
final stage awaits… somewhere in this fight.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

El perfume.

El perfume.

En el aire…
sutil fragancia de flores
en suaves respiraciones.

Dulce olor de mujer
a veces loción de hombres,
siempre el perfume guardado
en finos frascos de todos colores.

Sabed entonces que el perfume,
solamente los olores enmascara y esconde,
justamente como esconden las mentiras
de los ojos nuestra humana podredumbre.

“Un fino velo de mentiras
el perfume en nuestra vida”.

Marry me in death.

Marry me in death.

Here where the life has gone away
I promise you, my lover,
“Honey, we will do it anyway”.

Come and please enjoy the silence,
‘cause we won’t ever hear it again.
No more of those nasty surprises,
we’ll do it even after death.

Come happy with a smile,
bring your brother and your friends,
let us dance trough the night,
let us be happy until the end.

Go get dressed for the celebration,
go get your pretty wedding dress,
just don’t feel any mortification
if now the color's not the same.

While they live life
let us live death,
here beneath the sky
honey, we’ll just celebrate.

Even death couldn´t brought us a part
‘cause our love never ceased to be the same,
So what do you say,
do you still wish to have a wedding?

Tell me, my sweetheart, ‘cause it’s very simple indeed.

Would you marry me at night
with the graveyard as our place?
Would you marry me in black?
Would you marry me in death?

All you have to do, my darling,
is just to come forward saying “Yes”.

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

¿Y yo?, yo ya no te necesito.

¿Y yo?, yo ya no te necesito.

Me repetiré tres veces que no te necesito,
que no eres nada en mi vida sino una astilla,
que el reloj seguirá su avance sobre el buró…
y que las mañanas seguirán siempre tranquilas.

No, no me haces falta ni cuando finjo no extrañarte,
serás solo un momento más que se desintegra en la nada,
un momento más y solo eso, que se va al vuelo del tiempo…
(Un recuerdo involuntariamente voluntario disfrazado de olvido)

Vendrán las tardes sobre la mesa vacía donde solo hago falta yo,
y tu, tu no haces falta para nada en esta casa que a toda costa evito,
eres invisible e inexistente en toda la extensión que mi mente se permite,
eres… el tiempo que escapó sin ser mínimamente preciso para nadie.

Las cortinas aún siguen esperando tu aroma perdido en el viento
tontamente deseosas de tus manos alistando mañanas en la ventana
mientras la puerta espera como siempre a la entrada de la casa
recibiéndote en cada toque… pero dejando entrar a quien no eres.

Y las noches aceleran su paso donde mis ojos desean no verte,
donde mis ojos no desean ver más… de eso que ya no eres,
y me pierdo entre sueños en esta cama que aún respeta tu espacio,
abrazando tu aroma impregnado en la almohada que tanto odio
de la mujer que ya no necesito, de la mujer que ya no extraño.

Y en la condena de la monotonía que nos somete siempre
encontraré de nuevo los días idénticos unos a otros
con el tiempo congelado donde tu no faltas nunca,
pero donde yo… siempre saldré sobrando.

Me repetiré tres veces que no te necesito,
que no eres nada en mi vida sino una astilla,
que el reloj seguirá su avance sobre el buró…
y que las mañanas seguirán siempre tranquilas,
pero no, no te preocupes, porque yo…,
yo ya no te necesito.

You and I... the stars.

You and I… the stars.

Exposed wounds.

Knowing what I knew I tried
with all my heart to heal your wounds,
but then you saw me bleeding,
you saw me…

Carrying my heart between the hands.

Ways of sadness.

I saw one tear escaping
from your eyes lost on mine’s,
there I saw your sadness
in that tear expressed from your heart.

On the way down crossing your face
I took the tear between my fingers and went away,
but it was maybe too late.

Deep inside you found my sadness,
and the different ways we have to express.

Sadness always has too many ways.

What we said.

Found you one day after
and we decided to talk again.

Said you were unhappy,
said I was your friend,
told you to hold me,
said you would do it ‘til the end.

We were together since then.


You felt the misery of a painful past
and said you were all right by my side
´cause you were feeling on me
the despair of a similar painful past.

We held hands for that,
for the same scars we used to have.

Holding hands.

Holding hands we grew to be perfection,
a couple of smart sarcastic kids always alone.

People said we were meant for each other,
it’s a shame I never saw you the way you saw me,
I was not interested on that thing of being lovers,
I just cared about your health.

You were happy and I was fine,
but sometimes I hated the way you were,
when despair surpassed you at those times
I can still remember the knife at your hands.

You used to cut your wrists and I used
to keep you alive as far as I could,
I hated to se your crying wrists
covered by some of your bloody tears,
so I used to hate myself for not to be of any help.

We were holding hands to heal your wounds.


Told me not to worry much for you,
answered you were my best friend,
said you loved me too,
-like a sister- I complained.

We… were brothers.


Faking that we were fine
we walked together the line,
holding as always our hands
but dying always from inside.

We saw the world we hated,
and so we lived on it faking,
we were a lie for the life we lived,
but we loved our lies together.

We loved each other and forever.


We used to stare at midnight stars
trying to find the place we wanted to be,
you used to say that when someone dies
he or she… becomes a part of the night sky stars.

Were you really choosing a place since then?

The day you left.

I just heard it that day,
you left our promises behind
taking alone the way to the stars.

I felt again the emptiness growing on me
saying good bye to someone I cared in my life,
and… I was alone again,
you forgot me and went away
leaving me behind for what you called love,
leaving a paper piece of you to made me survive,
a letter of your love I told you to hide.

That’s how you explained all
and said the last good bye.

Emotionless me.

No tears after the notice
just the emptiness and sadness you found,
just… this emotionless me you used to like.

Sorry for that if you wanted more,
but I couldn’t really change at all,
I am what I am and you knew,
just another heartless arrogant fool.

Gazing at the sky.

Since you left I took the night as mine,
always gazing at the sky in search of you,
searching always for the blinking star
always hiding next to the moon.


The time passed by without you
and I learned how to survive,
still the memories on the head
and those voices lost in the air.

All is nothing right now,
but someday it will be everything,
someday… we’ll see each other again
and we’ll just laugh about it,
someday so…

You and I… the stars.

Wait where you are my beloved sister,
‘cause it’s a promise since the day you died,
that some day whenever I can
I’ll die and become one of the brightest stars.

We’ll be together for the last
In some place a long in the sky.

Memories. (Exposed wounds or… you saw me)

I will never forget what we were,
we were and we are friends after all,
So how on earth would I forget you?

“Knowing what I knew I tried
with all my heart to heal your wounds,
but then you saw me bleeding,
you saw me…”

Y yo la amo a ella.

Y yo la amo a ella.

Ella ama ver aquellas luces,
por eso odia tanto que amanezca,
prefiere siempre la noche,
pues solo en ella puede verlas.

Sueña con un día volverse una,
para así tejerse ella misma,
en aquel infinito manto negro,
y así adornar por siempre,
el hermoso firmamento.

Pero para mí,
ella ya es una estrella,
se ha bordado en mi corazón
e ilumina mi vida con su belleza.

Le gusta ver el cielo,
y a mí me gusta que lo vea,
pues así como ella ama a las estrellas,
yo la amo a ella.

Raven red.

Raven red.

Somehow it suddenly started,
flapping noises in my head,
birds like ravens freely flying,
feathers falling on my bed.

One dark parade of fantasy
maybe a nightmare brought from hell,
some black dots causing me some agony,
metallic voices whispering my name.

Far from the group of beak stabbers
there´s someone waiting for my chest,
hiding always deep into the darkness
I can see a raven dressed in red.

One last beating announces
“Here comes the king to the take you there”

Stabbed chest heart brokened
there's nothing left to be said,
my eyes have lost their sight
but some noises are still left.

As my voice in a whisper disappears
I can only think about two last things,
Why a raven instead of a demon?
Why a damned raven wearing red?

And so the answer is very simple.

One red feather over a nightmare
where I dreamt about my death,
Where’s the glory of a lifetime
when a raven picks you at the end?

When life is a nightmare
and death is your dream,
there’s no glory for a life time
if you choose to put you a sleep.

(Think about it, suicide is not an option,
you have plenty to hurt but help get better
and one to destroy even those who you love,
Would you still wait for the red colored raven?)